Why should you backup website data?

Disasters don’t happen every day. But every city stays prepared to handling it. Similarly, you need to factor in potential attacks or mishaps on your website. When something happens like that, you lose the most valuable asset – website data. Most webmasters fail to look beyond the basics. Even a minor plugin update fail can wipe out entire data. Loss of data means loss of contacts. In other words you lose client and tons of sales too. Knowing the damages in the hindsight can be so painful. You need to have preventive measures. Is there an affordable option to backup your website and its data in times like that? Yes, you do. GoDaddy has got you covered.

We’ll look into GoDaddy features and pricing in a while. Let’s see more into how website backup works at many levels. It puts the awesomeness of GoDaddy website backup service into perspective.

How website backup works?

Ideally you put your heart and soul into designing your website. A virus can make your website irreversibly corrupted. All that’s created is gone like poof. Regardless of how it happens, you need to regularly backup your website. In other words, save a copy of your website in another server. There’s three different ways you can back up your website – Manual FTP, Built-in backup on hosting platform and automated website backup service.

Firstly, you can backup manually by download your files to local computer. This can be done through File Transfer Protocol (FTP). It is such a low tech technique. You need to remember to backup periodically. Moreover, you are required to monitor the transfer from hosting server to computer every time.

Secondly, you can back up via built-in backup tool on hosting platform.  It is quicker and easier than the manual backup method. You still can’t schedule and automate your backups. You manually initiate the backup every time and ensure backups are created on a regular basis.

Thirdly, you can make use of paid website backup services. When your purchase backup service from a company, they take care of everything. Backups are automatically created on a regular basis. The best backup service that we recommend is the GoDaddy’s website backup.

If you haven’t thought of backing up your website, it’s better late than never. Have a multitude of backup options. Nonetheless GoDaddy website backup feature is the most effective one.

GoDaddy Website Backup Service

GoDaddy Website Backup Service

GoDaddy’s website backup service saves the last 30 backups of your website. They define the word ‘premium’ in website backup. The website backup is integrated with GoDaddy Hosting. When things go bad, you can use the backup to restore any of your websites or your entire hosting account. They provide the invincible safety net for your website data. Thus, the unsuspecting webmasters can work in peace. Opt for GoDaddy backup and run your website confidently. The one click restore processes immensely helps the novice webmasters.

Long list of features

  • Automated backups: GoDaddy protects your every database, file and folder. It works with any host, not just Godaddy.
  • Protection from hacks: The backup service includes daily monitoring services and malware scans. It keeps unwanted entities at bay.
  • Combat system failure: Cloud backup offers you the invaluable safety net against server crashes. In the unlikely case of a crash, you can smoothly restore your website.
  • One click restoration: If a disaster occurs, you can restore your entire website in a click. Alternatively, you can choose to recover a particular file or folder too.
  • Keep backups close: GoDaddy allows you to download copies of backup to local storage. It helps in times of migration and other emergencies.
  • Full, flexible control:  You can set preferred timings for automatic backup. When updating your site, on-demand backup is always available for you.


GoDaddy present two different backup plans – Essential and Ultimate. Essential pack cost you $2 per month. One website is allowed per account. This is competitive pricing for the kind of unmatched service that Godaddy offers. Ultimate pack cost you $10 per month. It offers a space of 100 GB.  There is no chance you can run out of backup space. We recommend buying hosting from GoDaddy too. It helps create an invincible setup.