SEO is an integral part of digital marketing. There’s no way you can learn it easy. It’s no shame to begin as a SEO script kiddie. In fact, even the pros have to use SEO tools. GoDaddy has introduced a range of SEO services recently. The domain registration giant has already aced the web hosting industry. Now they are also on to SEO services as well. Novice webmasters will appreciate this move. Inarguably, anything that GoDaddy does is beginner friendly. The pricing is also marginal for the kind of quality GoDaddy offers. Is it the new SEO dream tool for beginners?  Let’s find out.

GoDaddy SEO Tools

The SEO pack from GoDaddy helps find business online. It helps analyze ways to optimize for search engines. You can edit keywords according to phrase suggestions. You can publish these changes quite easily. GoDaddy helps track your progress in search rankings. You can do all this without much SEO knowledge. Things happen like a breeze with GoDaddy SEO tools. They bill it as DIY solutions and it takes very little time getting used to.


The standard plans are priced at $6.99 per month. It helps learn quite a bit about basic SEO. It gets you as far as keyword optimization on pages, rankings tracking, keyword suggestions and sitemap submissions. That’s quite a steal at such low price.

Why you need GoDaddy SEO tools

In the saturated online industry, you can’t get any far without SEO. Hiring professionals or taking classes from Gurus might cost a fortune. When you are a beginner, you need something like GoDaddy tools. Being the number one domain registrar, they know what they are talking about. They save you some precious time, which you will otherwise be investing in learning SEO. It gives a jumpstart to your online business.

Though GoDaddy tools don’t require SEO knowledge, having the basic knowhow is preferred. You may have to do some edits from the WordPress dashboard too. Regardless, GoDaddy presents amazing, round the clock support to help you with things like that. Since they cover you on domains, hosting and website building too, they can help extensively. A reputed company like GoDaddy is your best bet, especially when you are just starting out on web.

How to use GoDaddy SEO tools?

Log in to your GoDaddy. Go to My Products page. Browse to Search Engine Visibility menu. You can find this on your account, only if you have purchased GoDaddy SEO tools.  Expand the menu, pick your website and click Manage.

Optimize Homepage and other pages

Optimize Homepage

Now, you can set up your SEO profile. First thing to do is Optimize Homepage. Advance on the option to enter two keywords explaining your product or service. Enter a primary keyword and a secondary one. Enter both the keywords and click ‘Next’. Once you do that, GoDaddy suggest a few better search phrases based on your entry. Choose a couple of keyword phrases and click ‘Next again. In the advancing steps, set your page Title and page description for SERPs. That’s how you optimize your homepage with GoDaddy SEO. Choose to optimize your other pages, once you are done with homepage.

Create a Sitemap

GoDaddy Sitemap

A sitemap helps search engines to discover your site. It makes your website appear in SERPs. It has a bigger impact in SEO rankings too.  GoDaddy helps you to submit your sitemap to search engines. Return to your Search Engine Visibility page. Browse to Submit Sitemap and click Start Now. Submit a Sitemap URL which you can generate from any decent WP sitemap plugin. Google XML Sitemaps is something we personally recommend.