Email marketing is arguably the oldest form of digital marketing. It’s all about sending commercial messages to a set of people via email. These emails are sent to potential customers on relevant product or market information. The return on investment on this type of marketing is huge.

The expected average return is in range of $30-40 per every $1 spent. Emails are universal, with around 3.8 billion people having an email address. There’s no way Facebook or Instagram can compete with that. Such astronomical stats and figures compel webmasters to concentrate on email marketing. Furthermore, it is effective in identifying your audience amongst the masses.

Why email marketing is absolutely necessary?

Email marketing is an effective way to connect with your customers. Most internet users check their mails every 24 hours. Creating a silent but loyal following is a real prospect. Your customers enjoy the privilege of added privacy that’s inherent to email campaigns. They stay in touch with you. You can drive more traffic to your website. Above all, you sell more of your products and services.

Promotional emails have more connect with customers and look more professional than social media promotions. Moreover, email marketing helps tracking progress of your every campaign. You can assess ROI and consistently optimize your strategies. What you build in the process are quite some invaluable assets too. Your mailing list can be made use of, again and again. Similar businesses that you own can make use of it.

The above mentioned points only explain the advantages of email marketing. What makes it absolutely necessary is the sheer numbers. Firstly, there are 3.8 billion email users globally compared to 2.27 billion Facebook users and 1 billion Instagram users. Secondly, the ROI of email marketing is in range of 3500-4000%. You can’t just afford to miss out on the most inexpensive yet effective form of marketing.

Email vs Facebook vs Instagram vs Twitter

How email marketing works?

Email marketing starts with getting a custom domain. You need to have one for your business. It improves brand name recognition and helps get you found on the web. An email address like your xyz@yourdomain.extension has more credibility than Using a custom email makes you look professional in communication with clients and followers. You can have more than one custom email addresses to address a multitude of requests. Use custom emails such as, and more.

The next biggest asset to email marketing is an email list. Typically, you have opt-ins, forms and other options to catch emails from your website. You can allow visitors to subscribe to your mailing list directly too. After that, you start sending promotional emails to this mailing list periodically. You can promote your product and services to drive in more sales to your website. It is very important to track progress and ROIs of your email campaigns regularly.

GoDaddy Email Marketing Service

GoDaddy Email Marketing Service

GoDaddy allows you to create email campaigns that look great on any device. It ensures more customers will read and click. GoDaddy makes it simple to collect emails on your website, web store or Facebook page. Courtesy of top notch delivery rates you can start sending campaigns with confidence. You can keep up to 5000 subscribers and send up to 50,000 emails every month. Even better, you can lift these limits anytime.

Here’s how it works. Build a mailing list by placing a signup form in your website. Visitors who submitted their email are automatically added to the list. Use prebuilt templates to create newsletters and sales campaigns. You can opt to use your own designs too. Godaddy allows you to track opens and clicks. You can know what’s working and what’s not. Tracking progress is the key to successful campaigns. No campaign can be perfect at the time of setting up.


Beginner pack costs you just under $7 per month. It supports up to 500 subscribers. You can send up to 5000 emails every month. You are in for award winning service and 24×7 support. You have three different packs in GoDaddy email marketing – Beginner, Up & Running and Pro.

Summing it up…

Use GoDaddy Email marketing service optimally. Develop strategy of your own to suit your audience. Work on the timings of emails for optimal results. Tracking progress quite consistently is the key to effective email marketing campaign.