The list of domain extensions is always on the increase. Mostly you stick to ‘.com’ cause of its popularity. Owing to its immense popularity, even people outside the tech world find it familiar. The 2nd and 3rd highly used domain extensions (that are not country codes) are ‘.net’ and ‘.org’.

Top 3 gTLDs

Domain Availability, Better Deals…

For most part, people have .com as their first choice. When it’s taken, they resort to ‘.net’ or ‘.org’. Sometimes, you choose these extensions, keeping pricing in mind. There could be a huge discount on ‘.net’ for instance. That may tempt domainers to buy it in bulk.

But, what do these domain extensions really mean? What purpose do they serve? Which domain extensions are suitable for you? We’ll find out.

.COM stands for ‘commercial’. It’s considered the de facto domain extension for commercial as well as non-commercial websites. A classic example would be Evidently, people see it as a serious website.  However it gives no special significance. Almost anyone can use a .com domain.

.NET was originally planned to represent the websites dealing in network infrastructure. In the 90’s .net was given only to internet providers and hosting companies. Over the years, the restrictions have been lifted. Anyone can opt for .net nowadays.

.ORG stands for organization. For instance, features the community quotient. It describes the entity that owns the domain. It is generally believed to represent non-profit organizations. But, there are no restrictions as such. If you want to represent your company profile, it’s best to use .org.

Let’s look more into the finer aspects of these top gTLDs.

How .com vs. .net vs. .org debate holds?

.com gives you the best resale value. They serve better in building a brand identity. The real debate is .net vs. org. The latter is seen more as a public sector styled domain. It may work for or against you, depending on your niche.

A section of SEO experts believes .com has an edge over other TLDs in terms of SEO value.  It is not really proven fair and square. Nevertheless webmasters still choose .coms, just to remain safe. They book other extensions too but redirect it to their .com website. It’s 2019 and it’s okay to be adventurous. You can always replace a .com domain with another extension that explains you better.

Buy it from GoDaddy

Godaddy has the steadiest renewal pricing for top level domains. The renewal costs are $15 for .com domains. You can even register one for $0.99, using promo codes. The registration and renewal costs for .net domains are $12 and $17. .org costs you $8 and $20 respectively.  Keep looking for GoDaddy deals and promo codes.

Other popular gTLDs

The other popular gTLDs are .info and .biz. .info stands for information. It’s something you shouldn’t be using for commercial sites. CTA offers on .info would look absurd. .biz stands for business. It’s perfect to take your business online with .biz. It’s straight to the point in explaining the nature of your website.