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Broken Websites

Got a broken WP website or a script or plugin that doesnt work? Read our articles to find out how to fix it or find someone that can help you.

Digital Marketing

Whats the point in having a flashy website if no one sees it? Learn how to drive targeted and high converting traffic to your website and build your brand.

Affordable Web Hosting

Aspiring website owner with a limited budget? We can recommend web hosting plans with a free domain from just $1/month!

Web Design

We provide free guides and tutorials on how to build elegant and high performing WordPress websites.

Cloud Hosting

We review and recommend the best cloud hosting providers online, so that your website can achieve maximum speed.

Cyber Security

Imagine spending months to build a website, and then it gets hacked and lost forever. Yikes! We recommend the security plugins.


Affordable Web Hosting

One of the big hurdles for aspiring website owners are the startup costs. The main party stopper is often expensive web hosting fees.

We have reviewed high quality hosting providers that offer $1/month hosting and a free domain name.

Digital Marketing Strategies For The Aspiring Online Entrepreneur

You have probably heard of SEO, Email marketing, PPC and retargeting. But what is it and how does it work?

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What to look for when starting out as a website owner? We have collected they key ingredients for you.







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Com vs. Net vs. Org: Top 3 gTLDs Compared

The list of domain extensions is always on the increase. Mostly you stick to ‘.com’ cause of its popularity. Owing to its immense popularity, even people outside the tech world find it familiar. The 2nd and 3rd highly used domain extensions (that are not country...

GoDaddy Email Marketing Service: Get Clients to Convert

Email marketing is arguably the oldest form of digital marketing. It’s all about sending commercial messages to a set of people via email. These emails are sent to potential customers on relevant product or market information. The return on investment on this type of...

How To Choose A Domain Name: Beginner’s Guide

Choosing domain names should be a scientific process. A lot of brainstorming needs to happen prior to arriving at a domain name idea. There are plenty of reasons to purchase a domain. You could be starting a new brand or taking an existing brand online. Sometimes, you...

How To Choose A Web Hosting Service

There is a range of web hosting accounts to choose from. It may get tricky and even overwhelming to keep tabs on all. Choosing the right hosting based on your requirements is the key. That’s exactly what this post is all about. All of us want top class hosting with...

What Is SSL Certificate And How To Install GoDaddy SSL

Google Chrome users will be familiar with seeing ‘Not secure’ message in address bar occasionally. It happens only with a few websites. These are reportedly non secure websites. Moreover, the web addresses of these sites begin with HTTP and not HTTPS. The sites whose...

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